Everyone’s a Celebrity

Things have changed, people have moved on. The way we connect has changed. From snail mail to email to wall posts. Products like Facebook and Twitter have overhauled how people communicate today. They have also changed the number of people you come across or connect with throughout your lifetime.
As a rough estimate, back in the 50’s people only knew their family members and about 5-6 close friends. That would make a total of 15-20 people one used to be familiar with throughout life. Out of these people, one could only know what 4-5 of these people were up to daily.
That has undergone a complete transformation.
Facebook claims that only about 40% of their active users have less than 100 friends and this is an incredible statistic but that is still just a number. As a concept, if you look at the connections around the world as a graph, which most of the social networks do, you can see how easy it has become for a person in Bangladesh to connect with someone on the opposite face of the globe. It just needs a few hops (clicks) on this huge graph of connections where one simply jumps over geographical boundaries and lands up at a person’s profile whom he never knew existed. Miles and kilometers are being quantized to hop distances. Rewind the clock back by just 30 years and all this wasn’t easy. For most of us, it wasn’t even possible.
It has now become possible for me to write to anyone I’d like to. I can connect, collaborate, share ideas, partner with anyone in the world that is a part of this graph.
Not just that, the number of people we interact with and decide to stay in touch over a long time has gone through the roof if we compare it to the numbers we had back in the 50’s or so. I know many people who are my Facebook friends and have over 500 connections. Assuming about 70% of these connections are genuine, we are looking at huge numbers. Our power to influence has grown. The way we spread news has changed. The way we react to politics has changed.
Everyone has incredible power in his/her hands. We talk about bringing about social change but we at times ignore the way we interact itself has evolved. It has become much easier now and the power is in your hands.
Everyone’s a celebrity. All one needs to decide is to be one.


2 thoughts on “Everyone’s a Celebrity

  1. Indeed. Esoteric sources have already revealed that we have moved into a new age- the age of Aquarius, a period of self-empowerment. Technology is facilitating just that. It’s also a time when secrets can’t be hidden for long. The theme surrounding the current times revolves around self-leadership , equality as well as integrity. Very observant, you are! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the brilliant comment. No matter what the critics might say, these are brilliant times to live in! We might just need to keep international politics in check 😉

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