Solo to Mulbagal, India (May 27th, 2012)

My last ride to Mulbagal was done solo. I met with a fellow rider at Kolar and from there we headed to Mulbagal together after which we split again to return to Bangalore separately.

All serious riders should do this at least once after every few group rides – ride solo. For me it was an experience in it’s own right. I spent time alone, on the highways, watching vehicles pass by and the sun rise. I was alone on the golden tarmac as it shone with the rising orange sun. I rode at my own pace. I knew myself better and my bike better.

And I realised that I’m more of a solo rider too. Much like the sort of person I am.

Needless to say, overpriced (and I hope things stay that way, keeps the bike exclusive) in India as it may be, the Ninja is an absolute delight. No other bike comes close to this baby.

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