The Ratio of Work

5:2. That’s what it is. You spend 5 days in a week at office and 2 at home.

Before you reach a conclusive schedule for yourself, it’s absolutely vital to understand the logic behind work itself. Who/what are you working for? Does it make sense to you? Are you passionate about it? Does it make a difference? Are your aspirations being met? Are you overcoming challenges or just beating around the same cycles? These questions need to be answered before you take the plunge. And as society has set its norms, 5/7 of your time will go to working for a company and only 2/7 of it will go for yourself.

Your personal matters need to be dealt within that 2/7th of the time. You need to work towards your own aspirations too. You need to meet friends. Catch up over a drink. Pursue hobbies and relax all the same in the 2 days you get in a week.

Once you realize how valuable leisure is and answer the questions about the other 5 days of the week, you’ll spend less time trying to figure out where you’re headed. Goals should be well known beforehand. If not, it’ll only be an overhead that will cost you your productivity for 7/7th of your week.

That, or work for yourself for 7/7th of the time.


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