Amber, Ash

Of Amber Lights

My queen of amber lights
Sweaty nights and starry skies
You shine the brightest
When the darkness slowly dies
In my mind
In my mind you slyly hide
Soft pain, my mean martyrdom
Until all that are left of me are you within
And dregs of that silent storm

My queen of amber lights
Steamy rooms and musty walls
I’ll gift you a fiery crown
The story of a rise and a fall
In my life
In my life you stay like no other
To annihilate all that I painstakingly build
And then you burn bright, my vain concubine
Gnawing at my entrails until you get me killed

How can I love without you, my darling?
How I can breathe without you flowing in me
For now, I’ll sleep in your smoky arms and not think about a tomorrow
Or mere existence
Tonight you’ll keep coming back to me, brilliant and beautiful
My slayer, my salvation.


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